Is there a penalty for breaking my lease?

Yes, you will be responsible for a releasing fee equal to two months rent.

Can I have a small pet or fish in my apartment?

The no pet rule means any kind of pet large or small, including fish.

What age group rents in the apartments?

We have a nice mix of young professionals, families, single adults and senior citizens.  We do not sign leases with any tenant under 21 years of age.

Do we have subsidized apartments at Mt. Royal Apartments?

Our rents do not qualify for subsidies. 

How do I receive internet at the building?

Charter is the cable company that services the apartments for television and internet.

Can I have a Dish?

We do not allow tenants to install a Dish.

Can I grill?

There is no grilling allowed on the decks or patios.

Will you allow me to have my parents co-sign on the lease?

We do not allow co-signing or subleasing of any kind.

Can I use my garage for storage like putting my boat there?

We have 39 units and only 30 garages so we expect any tenant who rents a garage to house their working car only and not use it for a storage facility.